Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fight Hormonal Aging with Arkeskin+

There comes a time in a woman’s life when she can nurture herself and her dreams. She can replenish her spirit and transform herself and the world around her. Hormonal aging of the skin is a fact of life for the 50+ woman, but Lierac knows this is simply a fact and not a limit! When age-related skin issues arise, French women look to Lierac's ARKÉSKIN+ for age-defying results.

Skin dryness, decreased elasticity and brown spots are the hallmarks of hormonal skin aging. This is a natural process that occurs when levels of estrogen and progesterone decrease just before and during menopause. Lierac ARKÉSKIN+ is designed to target these issues and is clinically proven to deeply hydrate the skin, restore its firmness and even out the complexion.

Proprietary ingredients and nature join forces to improve skin’s appearance from the inside out. Cytonacre sp®, derived from mother of pearl powder, reinitializes skin cells to rebuild skin’s architecture. Like layers of iridescent nacre that form around a grain of sand to form a precious pearl, Cytonacre sp® surrounds cells and transforms skin so the luster of inner and outer beauty can shine through!

Two additional key ingredients in Lierac ARKÉSKIN+ set the stage for transformation. Chestnut extract rebuilds the skin barrier and locks in moisture by reactivating synthesis of cutaneous skin ceramides. NMF + Hyaluronic Acid complex deeply hydrate and comfort skin. When skin is replenished with Lierac ARKÉSKIN+ the results are a resplendent complexion and reinvigorated joie de vivre; the French way to face the day!

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