Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dreaming of Skin Worthy of a Prince

Ahh...the storybook wedding that has had the world dreaming since November has finally arrived, and we (like all you ladies out there), were so excited to see how gorgeous Kate looked on her special day. We weren't disappointed...
We all dream of having glowing skin fit for a royal so we couldn't help but recommend a few Lierac products to make everyone woman feel like a Princess.

Head to toe: Before anything else, you'll want to feel relaxed and beautiful from head to toe. At night, take a relaxing and sensory bath with a multi-use oil, like our brand-new Sensorielle oil. When mixed with bath water, Sensorielle transforms into a milky veil that will soften and hydrate your skin and hair, and envelop you in a sweet and sensual aroma of gardenia, jasmine, camellia, and precious oils. The flowers and oils in Sensorielle, in addition to their softening and hydrating action, also have soothing, relaxing, and anti-oxidant properties.

Body: Next comes more body pampering: your skin probably hasn't gotten much sun in the past few months, and the last thing you want it to walk down the aisle looking pale! There's nothing like a pick-me-up for your skin in the form of an instant self-tanner to give you the glow of a royal spring bride! Lierac's Sun Result Express Self-Tanner will give you a gorgeous, natural sun-kissed look while moisturizing your skin with orange blossom extract and nourishing botanical agents.

The eyes: The key to a refreshed and flawless face lies in your eyes. Make sure to get plenty of sleep on a regular basis, but a little extra help doesn't hurt! Apply a soothing eye cream, such as Diopticalm, in a thick layer around your eyes. The complex of botanical ingredients it contains will soothe, decongest and refresh your eyes while you sleep. Apply a thin layer in the morning for a refreshed-looking face all day long!

La visage: Finally, there's nothing like a radiance-infusing vitamin cocktail for your skin to give your skin a royal glow! Mesolift Serum and Mesolift Cream immediately boost and energize your skin with vitamins, minerals, and apricot and lime extracts.

It's the weekend, so take some time to pamper yourself... What are your secrets to feeling like a princess?

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