Friday, May 8, 2009

Rain or Shine, Lierac Unveils New Diopti Eye Care!

Yesterday, amidst the spurts of rain and 2-3 rays of sunshine, the Lierac Paris Team hosted an event at the Bryant Park Hotel to celebrate the release of our NEW Diopti eye care products. Editors from various magazines, including Town & Country, Allure, Fitness, and Teen Vogue, attended the event to meet with the Vice President of Lierac Worlwide, Ms. Farida Daoud Almadowar, and the International Marketing Director, Mr. Lionel Laffon.

Innovative botanical and scientific expertise is the cornerstone of Lierac Laboratories. Diopti eye care is a famed product range (first created in 1977 with Dioptigel) and is reformulated today to better address consumer expectations on skin tolerance, effectiveness, and advanced research for more precise solutions. The 5 targeted products - Dioptigel (anti-puffiness), Dioptilisse (lifting), Diopticrème (anti-wrinkle), Diopticalm (anti-fatigue), and Diopticerne (dark circles) - contain no parabens, phenoxyethanol, added fragrances, or artificial coloring. The bonus: you can layer them to address multiple concerns!

Our beautiful product displays!

Ms. Farida Daoud Almadowar, VP of Lierac Laboratories addressing crowd

The Lierac Family :)
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