Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lierac Paris & NewBeauty Present 'Advances in Cosmetic Medicine'

Beauty lovers, mark your calendars! On October 14th, Lierac Paris and NewBeauty Magazine are coming together for a round table discussion about the latest advances in cosmetic medicine and hot trends in the skincare industry. This one-night only beauty event will be moderated by Katrina Haug-Brown of NewBeauty Magazine, and will feature four of the top industry leaders that you don’t want to miss!

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served, and each guest will also receive a complimentary gift bag with Lierac Paris products, beauty samples, and a copy of NewBeauty Magazine – all valued at $75!
Guest speakers include Dr. David Goldberg, Dr. Timothy Chase, Dr. Sharon Giese, and Catherine Raubiet.
We hope to see you at Phyto Universe on October 14th!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lierac Paris chats with certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mitchel Goldman

As we enter the medical community in the U.S., we're excited to launch our
"Q & A" series. Stay tuned as we interview various top industry dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aestheticians and spa professionals.

To launch our series, we chatted with Mitchel Goldman M.D.
Dr. Goldman is double-board certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, recognized by the American Board of Dermatology and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

He is a volunteer Clinical Professor in Medicine/Dermatology at the University of California, San Diego and the founder and Medical Director of Goldman Butterwick & Associates, Cosmetic Laser Dermatology.

His many areas of cosmetic surgical expertise include:
Laser Surgery and Resurfacing
Dermal Filling Treatments
Botox/Dysport Therapy
Laser Closure of Varicose Veins
Sclerotherapy treatment of unwanted leg veins
Photodynamic Therapy

L: How did you get your start in dermatology?
Dr. G: I have always been interested in medicine and surgery as well as making
people happy. Dermatology and specifically cosmetic dermatology fits my

L: And what is your specialty?
Dr. G: Cosmetic Dermatology

L: The summer just ended (here in NY anyway!) is there a particular skin regimen
that you suggest to your patients after all that sun?

Dr. G: Even with the summer over, you can still damage your skin with the
ultraviolet light, so the continued use of sunscreen remains the single most
important anti-aging skincare regimen.

L: How does diet play a role in skin health?
Dr. G: No one really knows for sure. However, it is best to eat a diet high in
antioxidants which should decrease aging of your entire body including the

L: What is a big skin myth that you’d like to clear up?
Dr. G: Topical water sprays will hydrate your skin. This is NOT true. While thermal water sprays feel good, they are only useful to help damaged skin heal and will not enhance
skin rejuvenation

L: What product do you think should be invented?
Dr. G: A topical product that uses sunlight to rejuvenate the skin as well as
prevent and treat skin cancer and precancerous changes in the skin.

L: What procedure is most in demand in your practice?
Dr. G: The use of filling agents such as Juvederm, Restylane and Sculptra to
revolumize the skin and Botox and Dysport to relax hyperactive muscles.
Also, lasers like the Active and Deep FX to erase wrinkles and the Lumenis
One Intense Pulsed Light to reverse brown and red blotches on the skin

L: What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve received (or have given out?)
Dr. G: It is best to allow your physician to turn back the clock a little at a
time. IE, do not do every procedure on the same day. Space out your
treatments so that your friends will only think you are getting younger, NOT
having surgery.

L: Why did you bring Lierac products into your practice?
Dr. G: Advanced formulations combined with elegance appeals to my patients.

L: Do you have a favorite Lierac product that you would recommend?
Dr. G: Coherence L.IR* is most applicable to my philosophy since it uses
technology combined with skincare to produce rejuvenating effects.

*Coherence L.IR is a new anti-aging cream that is only available in dermatologist offices. Ask your local dermatolgist for more info, and keep checking our website for more information.

If you are located in Southern California, please pay a visit to Dr. Goldman!
Goldman Butterwick & Associates, Cosmetic Laser Dermatology is located in the heart of beautiful University Center San Diego, CA.

9339 Genesee Avenue, Ste. 300
San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: 858.657.1002

Follow this link to Schedule a Treatment and/or consultation.
For more information, please visit: www.gbkderm.com

Have questions for Dr. Goldman? Or do you have questions that you'd like to answered in a future post?
Please comment below!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lierac Paris' NEW Video How-To Series

As we announced a couple weeks ago, the Lierac team is launching a video series of how-to's, step-by-step demos, and more! This week, Erica starts off the series with Diopticerne. Watch our video to learn more about Diopticerne, and how it's used!

Stay tuned for more videos to come. If you want to know more about a certain product, let us know - we'll make a video just for you!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 Steps to Flawless, NY Fashion Week Skin!

It's hard to believe that a new season of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is quickly approaching (the first day of shows at the NEW location at Lincoln center is Thursday, September 10!). I don't know about you, but we're super excited to see what's in store!

We all know that flawless makeup starts with a smooth canvas. Flipping through all of the September issues here in the office, we're really inspired by some of our favorite makeup artists including Francois Nars, Matin, Gucci Westman, and Michelle Phan.

We've gotten to thinking about how we would create a soft, smooth canvas. Here are some tips for creating gorgeous, glowing skin!

1. Cleanse the skin with Eau de Soin Cleansing Water formulated with Chamomile, to help soothe, relieve itching, purify and refresh, and extracts from the Lily, to heal, soothe, and provide anti-inflammatory action.

2. Apply Masque Velours. And do you know what's great about this product?! You don't need to rinse it off! Simply use tissue to blot the skin and remove excess product.

3. If additional moisture is needed, apply Hydra-Chrono Comfort Cream or Hydra-Chrono Extreme Balm.

Et voila!! A moist, dewy face is yours, ready for a flawless makeup application.

We're also very excited for our sister brand, PHYTO hair care, who will be backstage creating the looks for some amazing designers including Costello Tagliapietra, Mik Cire, Odd Molly, and 3.1 Phillip Lim! We'll be posting backstage photos soon so be sure to come back to check them out!

What designers are you excited to see on the runway?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Emmy Beauty for All Ages

All eyes were glued to the TV on Sunday night checking out the celebs’ latest fashion, style and beauty. We, of course, were checking how great everyone’s skin looked! We chose some of our favorite radiant red-carpet beauties, and asked Catherine Raubiet, Lierac’s national training director, for tips on how to achieve these looks.

We loved Lea Michele’s natural and radiant look, and it’s so easy to achieve yourself! Before applying your makeup, Catherine suggests applying a mattifying moisturizing cream like Lierac’s Mat-Chrono Moisturizing Cream – it will keep you shine-free throughout the day!

Also make sure you remember your eyes. Catherine pointed out that the eye contour area is often left out of most peoples’ beauty routines – but it is so thin and fragile that it should be paid the most attention to – especially if you’re staying up late and not getting enough sleep! Apply an anti-dark circle eye contour cream at night before going to sleep, and an anti-fatigue eye contour cream in the morning to decongest eyelids, and give you a fresh outlook on life! Catherine recommends Lierac’s Diopticerne for undereye dark circles, and Diopticalm anti-fatigue.

Eva Longoria-Parker illuminated the Emmy Awards red carpet. You probably can’t pull off that Robert Rodriguez dress on a day-to-day basis, but your skin can definitely glow like hers! Catherine told us that all you need is a radiance serum and moisturizing cream to make you skin look young and illuminated. Lierac’s Mesolift serum and cream contain a rich cocktail of vitamins and minerals - an instant “pick me up” for your skin!

Glenn Close looked stunning in this Rubin Singer gown, but we were more focused on her youthful-looking, radiant face. Good news - you don’t have to be an award-winning actress to achieve this youthful look! Before you begin your beauty routine, use a gentle but powerful a Hydroxy-acid-based serum for a peeling and rejuvenating effect. Catherine recommends Lierac’s High Peel, a highly concentrated serum that moisturizes while correcting the principal signs of aging, and instantly softens and smoothes skin. Next, she recommends you use a lifting and firming care for energy and radiance. Lierac’s Coherence Day & Night creams and Neck Firming cream increase firmness and repair skin while providing optimal hydration and moisture.

With these easy steps, you can look fit for the red carpet every day!

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