Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Beauty Secret from Paris

Generally, when we think of establishing a proper skincare routine our minds turn to thoughts of which facial moisturizer, eye cream, and serum are best to use on our skin during the day and at night. But, what about our bodies? American women, especially, tend to overlook the importance of maintaining healthy, radiant skin all over, particularly in the winter time. It is possible that with our fast-paced, high-stress lifestyles, many of us get too busy to focus on the skin that others won't see. Or perhaps, we fall prey to the fallacy that aging only affects the skin on the face. Whatever the case may be, it is interesting to think about the cultural differences that exist in the way American women and European women treat their skin. French women, for example, tend to be more conscious of their skin in its entirety, and treat it all year round.

One product that has been popular among French women is LIERAC Paris' Bust Lift Crème Modelage. This potent cream not only helps to restructure the shape of the bust, but also works to diminish brown spots around the décolleté area, resulting in an overall more youthful appearance.

Let's take a look at the ingredients in this product that make it so effective:

Hazelnut - Oligopeptides with in the hazelnut have potent anti-slackening properties. They work to promote collagen synthesis, stimulating the growth of fibroblasts and collagen for smoother, firmer skin.

Japanese Mandarin - The extract of the Japanese Mandarin targets brown spots, helping to brighten and clarify skin pigmentation. Its properties are extremely hydrating and moisturizing as well.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) - Found naturally in citrus fruits and sugar cane, AHAs moisturize, exfoliate, even out and renew skin tone, and help fight wrinkles. They help treat photo-damage and hyperpigmentation at the medical level.

LIERAC Paris Bust Lift Crème Modelage

Bust Lift Crème Modelage can be found in select Derma Skin centers, CVS/pharmacy locations, and Duane Reade Look Boutiques in NYC.

Weigh in: Do you regularly focus on treating the skin on your body? If so, what is your daily regimen?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Power of Antarcticine for Dry, Cracked Hands

The Power of Antarcticine:

What is Antarcticine? This bacterial-derived glycoprotein is found isolated in the glaciers near King George Island and South Shetland Island in the Antarctic Sea. It is composed of 86% protein and 14% sugar and allows bacteria to survive under extremely cold temperatures which help to maintain the skin's integrity. Amazingly, Antarcticine can retain water and prevent its transformation into ice, even at temperatures as low as -20 C (-4 F). It has the ability to lock-in moisture while also providing age-defense properties to stimulate collagen and elastin levels. This powerful ingredient is found in Repair Mains hand cream, and effective anti-aging winter hand treatment.

Repair Mains also has a 15% protective and hydrating mixture of urea, petroleum, shea butter, and Vitamin A, to help keep skin moisturized and nourished deep-down. This synergy also reduces the appearance of redness and irritation. A nail-strengthening composition of castor oil and Pro-Vitamin B stimulates nail growth and hardens the area around the nail bed.

Hands are delicate; the skin is thinner here than on other parts of the body, making it all the more vulnerable to harsh conditions. Few oil glands exist on the backs of the hands (none on the palms!) which leads to the quick evaporation of any existing moisture. What's worse, cold leads to constriction of the blood vessels and, in turn, redness and chapping.

Weigh in: How have you been fighting dry hands this winter? Have you tried Repair Mains? Thoughts?
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