Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Initiatic Cream Featured in Health!

If you every wondered about the benefits of Goji berry, check out Health Magazine's recent editorial on this powerful antioxidant featuring our very own Initiatic Cream!
Initiatic is a new line formulated for those noticing those fine lines and wrinkles appearing (which is never fun!)

The line was developed to meet the needs of women aged 30 and over and formulated with Lierac's exclusive Bio-Botanical Complex: a synergy of high-tech peptide and goji fruit extract. This rich cream effectively reduces and prevents the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin becomes smoother, hydrated and radiant. Ideal for normal to dry skin, and also available in an oil-free fluid. What's not to love? And don't forget to eat those antioxidant packed berries! Merci, Health Magazine!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It Product of the Hour: Lierac Sensorielle Oil

Un grand merci @YuliZ for the wonderful post on Sensorielle on My It Things!

Read it here!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh la la! Sensorielle in @RedbookMag

We were just flipping through the latest issue of Redbook Magazine and we were excited to see our new Sensorielle multi-use oil featured in their "Make Your Skin Shine" editorial right next to the beautiful Mila Kunis.
Merci, Redbook!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Secret Behind At-Home Peels

Skin aging and hyperpigmentation are serious concerns for many women, yet chemical peels - a solution for improving skin texture and appearance - are still too daunting to most. The good news is that there is a more gentle way of harnessing the benefits of chemical peels - and you can do it safely in your own bathroom!

The key to a chemical peel is Hydroxy Acids. Known and used in dermatology since 1946, Hydroxy Acids have become more present in dermatologists’ practices since the 1970’s. In the early 80’s, the cosmetic field also turned to these molecules for their remarkable effects on skin aging. Trained dermatologists and physicians can use a 50% or higher concentration in their treatments, but at-home peels are limited to 10%. This low concentration is safe and gentle on the skin, and allows for a regular application.

Lierac, continually inspired by dermatological techniques, created High Peel Concentrate with a 10% concentration of Hydroxy Acids, and one unique twist: these Hydroxy Acids are time-released. The highly concentrated serum has an undisputable peeling and rejuvenating effect. High Peel fights photo-induced aging (deep wrinkles, dull and uneven complexion, thickened and dehydrated skin) caused by decreased cellular renewal. By harnessing a proprietary skin-renewing blend of high-tech Hydroxy-Acid’s derived from natural sugars, the serum moisturizes while correcting the principal signs of aging.

High Peel combines 2 different Hydroxy Acids, Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid, for an optimum effectiveness to tolerance ratio.

High Peel uses 1% of a new generation Salicylic Acid created from equal proportions of Salicylic Acid and polysaccharides extracted from acacia gum. When Salicylic Acid is affixed to acacia gum, it:

- Limits the penetration of Salicylic Acid.

- Stabilizes Salicylic Acid in the upper layers of the epidermis.

- Exfoliates like the free form of the acid but without irritation.

High Peel’s second star Hydroxy Acid is 9% Glycolic Acid that is encapsulated in “host” molecules, cyclodextrins, which are natural molecules obtained from the enzymatic breakdown of a sugar (starch). This encapsulation:

- Controls the release of Glycolic Acid, reducing skin irritation.

- Increases its exfoliating action.

- Stimulates cellular renewal.

Finally, 5% Urea, the main component of the skin's natural moisturizing factor, moisturizes, softens and improves skin tolerance.

High Peel leaves skin soft, smooth, and perfectly moisturized after the first use, and after 6-8 weeks of use, High Peel diminishes wrinkles, smoothes skin texture, evens out and brightens complexion, and hydrates skin.

Is hyperpigmentation a concern for you? If not, what issue do you need a solution for?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

One-on-One with Junior League Member Becki Fleischer

This week, Lierac, heads to the Association of Junior League International annual conference in Philadelphia. We just met another inspiring member, Becki Fleischer, E-learning Consultant , who’s making a daily difference in her community.

Lierac: Which chapter are you in & what initiatives are you working on?

Becki: I’m in the JL Northern Westchester chapter. Right now we’re focusing on hunger and healthy eating initiatives for kids. We’ve done the JL Kids in the Kitchen program, and now we have a program called “Backpack Buddies” where we provide about 115 local elementary school students with backpacks filled with healthy food. This is significant because these are the kids that qualify for the free and reduced federal lunch programs.

Lierac: Do you mind expanding on that?

Becki: It’s a federal program that subsidizes breakfast and lunch at school for those who qualify. These kids mostly get their food from school that they take home over the weekend. Our backpacks have healthy food options such as fortified pastas, tomato sauces, peanut butter, canned goods of fruits and vegetables. Next year we’d like to include fresh produce from farmer’s markets. But the neatest thing is that we create the recipe cards that are user-friendly and helps them prepare these foods at-home.

Lierac: How long have you been doing this initiative for?

Becki: We’ve been giving about 117 backpacks per weekend since September 2010. This is all done through the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Westchester.

Lierac: When did you join Junior League?

Becki: In 1999. I joined in Indianapolis. My boss was an elected official. Her and all of her friends were high profile and I was inspired by their work. The Junior League is a really impressive network to be involved in.

Lierac: Have you always been drawn to charity work?

Becki: I’ve also always been involved in charity groups in school. There was no defining moment for me joining Junior League. I’m drawn to their 3-part mission.

Lierac: Which is?

Becki: 1. Promote volunteerism. 2. Develop the potential of women. And that’s the part that resonates so much with me. It’s truly about developing women’s skills. It was a safe place to try new things that your formal education didn’t prepare you for. That really appealed to me and this is the piece that’s keeps me going. Now I work on the training program. The 3rd part is improving communities through effective action. By my work, I’d like to make my mark in this world.

Lierac: Is there a woman or women who inspires you?

Becki: It’s easy to be inspired whenever you come to a JL Annual conference such as this one because you hear about the amazing things happening around the world. JL women come together see a need, and get the necessary training to go out there and make a difference.

Thank you for inspiring us today, Becki! Good luck with the conference today.

Interested in learning more about Junior League? Please visit www.ajli.com Follow them on Twitter: @juniorleague

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Premier Mai!

Yesterday was May 1st, which in France is a special holiday. It is la FĂȘte du Travail (Labor Day), which is a paid day off for all French workers since 1947 (sadly, it fell on a Sunday this year!), and has traditionally become a day of labor-union demonstrations in large cities in France, and mainly in Paris.

photo credit: bibliofrance.org

It is also a tradition to give friends and family a bouquet of Lily of the Valley, or Muguet. Muguet symbolizes spring and happiness, and represents luck to those who give and receive it on May 1st. These fragrant little flowers are sold in every store and street corner on May 1st, truly marking the beginning of spring!

photo credit: audiocity.eu

Happy May!
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