Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How To Prep Your Skin For A Big Event

By Andrea Arterbery

In lieu of the fact that Fashion Week is just around the corner here in New York, I’ve decided to work ahead and prep my body for the impending onslaught. Yes, you would think that it’s doomsday, but the fact remains that the late nights and hurrying around to shows (mixed with this freezing cold weather) does some serious not-so-cute damage to my skin. (We won’t even go into how my feet feel by the end of the week after wearing seven inch heels daily!) Below are some things that I’ve already started doing and I hope that you will keep them in mind when it’s time to get ready for your next big event.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You know how they all say that you should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily in order to remain hydrated? It’s the truth. I’ve found that the more water I drink, the less problems I have with my skin (this includes dryness, break outs, sagginess, puffy eyes and dark circles). I’m not saying that you have to ditch your caffeine (Lord knows I’d be lost without my daily cup of joe!), but do try to incorporate more water into your life. I usually just fill up my water bottle while I’m sitting at my desk typing away and before I know it, I’ve gotten in my daily fill and then some.

Get the Glow. I pretty much know how to achieve a faux glow due to some stealth makeup application tips (which I shall reveal another time), but sometimes I need to cheat a bit and I’ve found that one of the easiest routes is to use an exfoliator. Try Lierac Exfoliating Radiance Care for face and body for instantly smoother and more radiant looking skin. Also, I like to treat my skin to a weekly mask. My weapon of choice?: Lierac’s Velvet Mask because it leaves my dry skin moisturized and super soft.

In Your Eyes. In order to survive a week of hardly any sleep, a good eye cream is key. I’ve also found that it also helps to start using the good eye cream at least a month prior to any scheduled event just to make sure that it alleviates all sags, bags and dark marks. I love that Lierac has a special line of eye creams specifically targeted for any of your eye ailments. There’s the Dioptigel for under-eye puffiness; Diopticreme for wrinkles and fine lines; and the Diopticerne for diminishing under-eye circles.

The Kanye West Workout Plan. Just as the song alludes, I have started skipping all of the sweets and eating plenty of salads. I have also rededicated myself to the gym and have started attending major sweat sessions of Bikram Yoga. Working out not only releases good- for- you endorphins (they help keep me from freaking out over everything!) but it also keeps your waistline slim and trim. This plan will continue on after Fashion Week mostly because it will soon be warm again and I plan to look fab in my white Michael Kors bikini by the time the Fourth of July arrives.

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